A program personalized just for you!

Your customers will be happy!

What is a loyalty program?

There are many loyalty systems working with cards. They are developed by large companies, credit card companies, major retailers, specialized companies or small businesses. With the arrival of new technologies, loyalty programs are now accessible to all businesses, from small to large. They simplify life for merchants and provide unlimited possibilities to strengthen customer relationship.

Rewards can take many forms: kickbacks, gifts, points that accumulate with each use and qualify for gifts, airline miles redeemable for free airline tickets, money or cash back, etc.

Why set up a loyalty program or gift card?

The facts: Today’s customers face a vast market: the choices are varied and numerous. Moreover, they are well informed and they are demanding more value when they spend their dollars. They no longer simply seek price or quality; they want their purchasing behavior to be recognized and appreciated by the merchant.

Have you ever heard the expression "Why come in your store rather than elsewhere? What does it give me? "In fact, consumers are looking to be rewarded. Demand is high: almost all Canadian consumers (97%) are already participating to a loyalty program.

A personalized program!

As a merchant, you can produce custom cards with your own colors, designs and logos. You decide the type of promotion: the number of points accumulated and/or the discounts on purchases.

Two cards in one!

Why pay for gift cards that will end up in the trash after being used? With LoyalINT, your gift card and loyalty card are combined into one single card. Give your customers more reasons to come back to spend at your place by adding a discount on the gift card.


Everything comes back to the cardholder!

Since there are no transaction fees, all the discounts that you give to your customers remain fully the customer!

Indirect benefits

Not all gift cards sold will be exchanged against the goods (between 15 and 20% remain unused), and consumers who use it spend most of the time more than the value of the card. Indeed, studies show that consumers typically spend 30% more.

Psychological benefits

Consumers perceive loyalty cards and gift cards like "earned" or "found" cash. This psychological effect is similar to the one created by credit cards, but stronger, which results by getting people to spend more. Payments are easy (no need of cash!).

Loyal customers

Loyalty cards and gift cards are an effective way to encourage customers to return more often because they create a bond between them and the merchant. The relationship is helping both the merchant and the customer because the reward is mutual.