FidelINT, a division of Orbo Rewards, offers its merchant loyalty program: A powerful and internet-based tool, that manages mag-stripe gift and loyalty cards. Working alongside with merchants, LOYALINT created a personalized loyalty program that increases the annual turnover from 10% to 20%, depending on the type of business.

A little history

  • June 2009, Christian Rioux founded FidelINT/LoyaIINT and develops the FidélINT program.
  • February 2011, the FidelINT program has more than 150,000 users.
  • September 2012, Setting up personalized FidelINT program for car dealers. Since then, thanks to the versatile and scalable options of the FidelINT software, and with the help of several business partners, FidélINT customer continues to grow day by day.
  • June 2014, Fidélint becomes an Orbo Rewards division, a company specialized in designing creative promotional programs.

What distinguishes LoyalINT

Most companies that offer loyalty programs will give themselves a discount on sales in addition to charge a fee for each transaction, which is increasing the cost of the program. We don't.